Change is the most powerful law of nature and with this impending change come new ideas and horizons. The challenging phase of moving forward as a Strong Entity lies in total metamorphosis with hard-edged business skills. We strongly believe that the principles and practices for a thriving business must reflect a commitment to greater responsiveness and accountability on the part of every employee of the organization. It is the people along with their leader that contribute towards the desired goals and image of an organization.

Since its inception, the company has experienced consistent and steady growth and expansion in all of our products & service sectors, capabilities, clientele and vendors.

With over 23 years of combined professional experience, Unitron provides wide options of products & consultation to support your project. From the designing phase through completion, we are ready to personalize the wide range of available services to accommodate your exact product specifications and quality needs.

Our strength comes from relentlessly diversifying the industries served, the customer base, the geographical footprint, the sourcing strategy and the commodity reach. We constantly strive to add value for all our customers, employees & stakeholders.

Guided by intelligent thought, maturity & integrity, we work together as a family to create wealth & well being. As good corporate citizens, we always uphold our code of ethics. We value sincerity, effort and merit, and act as responsive and responsible citizens wherever we are present. Businesses today must be able to deal with the ever changing corporate atmosphere, as more and more industries become truly dynamic in nature.

We are confident that with this set of principles, everyone associated with us will thrive and prosper.